New Patient Packet

Required form for first time patients

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First Visit


Reception - First Thing is First

All patients check in with the receptionist upon arrival. 

At this time new patient's complete the Health History forms, if you haven't already completed them. Pay the $60  initial consultation fee to the front desk. Initial consultation fees are nonrefundable.

The receptionist will confirm your contact information, and prepare your patient folder. You will then be directed to the consultation room where you pass your patient folder to your acupuncturist. ​​


Consultation Room

The first initial consultation is $60 , and nonrefundable. The licensed acupuncturist, Sheila Condit L.Ac., will discuss your wellness concerns and goals, feel your radial pulses for a Medical Pulse Diagnosis, and discuss the diagnosis and propose a treatment strategy. If you are having a treatment she will brief you on your session, then you will be directed to a treatment  room to select a table or a recliner.

If you are waiting for Chinese Medicine you will return to the reception area and it will be brought to the front desk.


Acupuncture on a table or recliner

Plan on being in the clinic 60 minutes for your first visit. Following treatments may not be as long, depending upon your needs. Many people relax into a restful sleep during acupuncture. If you need to wake at a certain time, let us know and we will come and remove your needles.  


After Your Treatment

Pick up a herbal formula or scheduling future appointments at the reception desk. Our receptionist informs patients on how to take Chinese Medicine, and provides handouts to take home.  

Entry to Pleasant Hill Acupuncture

On The Day of Your Appointment

  • Eat a bit of something before the appointment. Acupuncture is not recommended on an empty stomach.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that will not bind you. You should be able to roll up your sleeves above your elbows, and pants above your knees. 
  • Following your treatment do not participate in strenuous activities. Moderate activities such as walking, gentle yoga, or tai chi are beneficial.
  • The treatment area has a quiet atmosphere. If you desire, bring your own music and listen with headphones or earbuds. Music should be gentle and relaxing.
  • Your time is valuable. We ask that you please be on time for your first appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late then the appointment may need to be rescheduled. If a 24 hour notice is not provided before cancellation of appointment a $60 fee may be charged.
  • We do not offer childcare. We do not have staff trained or licensed to watch children during your treatment.
  • Please bring no pets. Only registered service animals are permitted in the clinic.