Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is a quick, inexpensive, and noninvasive diagnostic method. When performed by a expert professional, it can be an effective way of determining ill health. In Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis is considered the gold standard when it comes to knowing what is medically wrong with a patient.

Simply put, Pulse Diagnosis is interpreting the flow of blood through the radial artery at specific locations along each wrist and recording the depth, shape, and pulse rate. Pulse location is associated with circulation through associated internal organs, and the chararatristics of the pulses are associated to signs of distress in the body and many common health concerns. 

In the hands of an expert practitioner an accurate pulse diagnosis is the basis of creating effective treatments. At Pleasant Hill Acupuncture we are dedicated in mastering Medical Pulse Diagnosis and use it daily in their treatment protocol.

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is a lost art, and we are proud to be part of its revitalization. Robert Doane, the developer of this style of Pulse Diagnosis (MPD) teaches this method to acupuncturists around the world.