Respiratory illness


Upper Respiratory Infections

Common Colds and Flus, Rhinitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Tonsillitis are well treated respiratory illnesses with Chinese Medicine. Our approach: Boost immunity, Increase lung function, Select anti-bacterial, anti-viral herbs, reduce symptoms, and shorten the duration so you can get back to normal life. 

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are curative, actually boosting the patient’s immune strength while at the same time reducing symptoms.   

Asthma or Allergic Asthma

Asthma or Allergic Asthma symptoms can be reduced successfully reduced by 80%. Allergies are similarly treated well, using acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  

COPD, Emphysema

COPD or Emphysema can be more challenging. In all cases, we begin with an accurate diagnosis at our clinic to determine whether we can help the patient or not. In some cases, we feel the problem is beyond our ability to help, but in those cases, we refer to a Western medical physician.